Commando Bike of the Year Award

The following photographs were taken outside the Greenwich Maritime Museum, in South London, immediately following the official publicity shoot that featured the design and development team members, whose efforts resulted in the Commando Fastback model being awarded the 'Bike of the Year' trophy by the motor cycling press.

Commando bike and some of Woolwich developement team pic
Some of the Woolwich-based Commando design & developement team
(hover cursor over faces to identify)
Bob Cakebread Les Apps Trevor Denman Eric Goodfellow Bill Brooker Nick Hyde
Commando bike by steps of museum pic
Commando bike by steps of Maritime Museum

Margaret Farley with trophy pic
Margaret Farley (design office secretary) proudly displaying the trophy
John McLaren and Margaret Farley pic
John McLaren and Margaret Farley (still keeping tight hold on trophy!)

Model with Commando #1 pic
Model posing for extra publicity shots (with Les Apps checking the angles!)
Model with Commando #2 pic
Another publicty shot (with Terry Wetherfield having a walk-on part)

Photos taken by Peter Attwood originally as slide transparencies, subsequently digitally re-photographed.