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Maps and Plans

Old map of Woolwich
Old map of Woolwich showing factory location

AMC factory map
Detailed map of factory location
(Click on image to enlarge)

The Woolwich factory of Associated Motor Cycles Ltd was situated in the South East outskirts of London, close to an area occupied since the start of the 18th century by the Royal Arsenal.

With its offices facing directly onto Plumstead Road, and occupying most of the space between that and Burrage Grove, it was an impressive building in an otherwise residential and retail area that stood four stories high, plus a small group of roof shops.

Click button to view RAF aerial photos of factory taken in 1946-7.

Rear of AMC factory sketch
Sketch of AMC factory looking East down Burrage Grove
with Spares and Service building on near right

A lift at the Maxey Road end of the factory connected all floors and, as well as allowing materials to be moved between floor levels, was also the means of taking finished motor cycles from the second floor assembly area down to street level for their road test.

Entrances to the works were at the rear of factory, off Burrage Grove and, on the other side of this road, were separately situated the Service, Despatch, Spares, Packaging departments as well as the highly-revered Race Shop.

Roof Shop department plan
Third Floor department plan
Second Floor department plan
First Floor department plan
Ground Floor department plan

The factory floor layouts above are based on the collective recollections of those who worked there at the time (c. 1960).
They are not to scale, and departments were re-located from time-to-time over the years.
Please view individual 'Department Location' plans on their respective pages for more information.

(Acknowledgement of original drawings by G E Josey)

Front offices pic' width=
Front offices (Plumstead Road)
Rear of factory pic
Rear of Factory (Burrage Grove East)
AMC factory from Maxey Road pic' width=
Rear of AMC Factory as seen from Maxey Road, with the neighbouring Woolwich Arsenal buildings visible above its top floor.
(Courtesy Greenwich Heritage Centre)
View of crane building factory extension pic
View of rear of factory taken from railway showing
crane working on extension building (c.1954)
View of factory extension steelwork erection pic
View of steelwork for factory extension (c.1954)
Burrage Grove (1950s) pic
View of factory from Burrage Grove (1950s)
Burrage Grove in 1956 fog pic
Another view of factory in typical London 'smog' (1956)
View of factory from railway bridge pic
View of factory from railway bridge in Maxey Road
Sylvia (?) walking home from work
Housing redevelopment on factory site pic
Housing redevelopment on factory site