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Tool Room

Drilling jig pic
Typical drilling jig

The Tool Room was situated on the uppermost floor and comprised two sections: the original in the older building and another part in the newer extension, added to the factory in the early 1950s.

Separating the two sections was a dividing wall and a large automatic roller-shutter fire door (which was always open).

The work carried out in each section was different, with the 'older' tool room responsible for producing and maintaining all the jigs, fixtures and special gauges needed in the factory's machine shops

7R frame jig (Jack Conolly) pic
Jack Conolly (right) working on 7R frame jig
Billy Watts on vertical mill pic
Billy Watts on vertical mill (c.1950s)
Toolroom personnel pic
Toolroom extension personnel (c.1959)
(hover cursor over faces to identify)
unknown Jack Conolly Eddie Pettit unknown Wilf Graham Leslie Vickary Bill Crayford Bernard Copplestone Stan Bassett unknown unknown Bill Mitchell unknown Charlie Sylvester unknown unknown

In contrast, the work in the tool room extension tended to be more creative and associated with development and the manufacture of one-off parts for the race shop.

Although there was one overall manager, the extension was overseen by a separate charge-hand

The range of equipment used in the tool room was similar to that found in the other factory departments, with the addition of specialist machines such as jig borers, shapers, radial drills and spark eroders that were needed for tooling.

Many of the personnel would have been "promoted" to the tool room from the machine shops, due to their higher skill levels and work accuracy, together with an ability to problem solve when the occasion called for it.

Others would have remained in the tool room after having spent the final year or so of their apprenticeship there, learning the trade first hand.

Toolroom extension group pic
Toolroom extension personnel (c.1969)
(hover cursor over faces to identify)
Eddie Pettit Wilf Graham Bill Greene Charlie Sylvester Bill Mitchell unknown Alan Puplett (apprentice)

You can view other Tool Room Group photos, taken prior to Xmas holidays, on the Scrapbook page.


Tool Room Personnel
Stan Bassett
Dennis Boney1960-61Toolmaker
Roy Carnell1950-53
Gordon (Jack) ConollyRace shop support
Bill Crayford?-1969Manager
Roy Cunningham1965-66Jig Borer
Alec Doddc.1953Manager
Wilf Graham(extension)
Bill Greene
Bert IlsleyManager (pre-Crayford)
Ted LewisJig Borer
Bill Maurice
Bill Mitchell-TRX
Eddie PettitChargehand (extension)
Bob Pratt?-1969Churchill grinder
? SeabrookLathe
Clary SimmondsShaper
Charlie SylvesterCentre lathe (extension)
Charlie Tassell
Leslie VickaryHorizontal mill (extension)
Billy Watts1950sVertical mill
Bert White ?-1969Fitter
Nelson WolseyVertical Mill